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If given the opportunity to treat your child’s dental needs, we will accept this privilege and provide the best care not only to your child but to the parents who entrust us with this responsibility.

We recommend that your child’s first dental visit occur around one year of age . It is essential that children and their parents learn early on the importance of good oral hygiene. Starting your child with good oral habits has a positive effect on their overall health that can last a lifetime. We welcome parents to be in the same room during every dental visit. The comfort and support a parent can offer during this visit, is not only needed but encouraged.

It is also important that your child come in for a fun, routine dental check up prior to any trauma, this will develop a certain comfort level at a time when your child will need friendly and familiar faces. Dr. Marti has 10 years of experience with dental traumas and have been trained to handle any type of dental emergency. We are available for you and your family 24 hours a day. It will be our mission to gain your child’s trust and eliminate any dental fears that they may have. Our goal as your child’s pediatric dentist is to “graduate” them, as an adult with no dental concerns or fears.

As a mother, Dr. Marti shares all the same concerns for your child, as she does for her own. We will assist in managing your child’s dental needs until they become adults. As your child grows, we will maintain their biyearly check-ups and monitor and advise when intervention is necessary.


  1660 Hopkins Rd. Getzville, NY 
160 Elmwood Ave Buffalo NY 


Appointments & Cancellations

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At Just 4 Me, we do everything possible to accommodate our patients’ needs when scheduling appointments. Children in preschool or those that require extensive dental work should be scheduled during the morning and early times of day. We find that it is then that children are more apt to cooperate and are in a more positive state of mind. If it necessary for the child to miss a portion of the school day fear not, as this would undoubtedly be considered an excusable absence.

*We request 24-hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment. We are aware that unforeseen events sometimes require missing an appointment, but we ask for your help as a courtesy to all of our patients*